Three Reasons Why You Need To Treat Your Water Supply For PFOS

As a farmer in Canada, you have to be vigilant of everything in the environment that affects the health of your animals, your crops, and your family. In the past fifty years, there has been a gradual build-up of PFOS, or perfluorooctanesulfonic acid. Treatments have been developed which can be added to your groundwater, well water and water supply system. Here are three reasons why you need to treat your water supply for PFOS:

Kidney Disease and Failure

PFOS is directly linked to kidney disease and kidney failure. This is not limited to just humans either. Your animals and livestock could suffer as well. Since your farm animals drink even more water every day than you do, it is important to protect them by adding the PFOS treatment to all of your water sources and holding tanks.

Continued Build-up

Crops watered with PFOS-contaminated water leaves trace amounts in the crops themselves. Your animals consume some of your crops. They drink the contaminated water. Now the concentrates are higher than they were in just the crops alone. You eat the animals you raise, and drink the water too. Now, exceedingly high amounts of PFOS take up residence in your body. The continued build-up and exposure over time is a slow, unpleasant death waiting to happen. PFOS treatments can prevent all of the above.

PFOS Has Been Building Up for Years

As early as the late 1970's, PFOS was detected in the blood serums of humans and animals alike. Left untreated, this will continue to be a problem and infect more people who have no direct contact with your ground water supply. You could be directly responsible for infecting consumers of your crops and meat from your livestock, causing years of agony for them. If it can be traced back to your farm, you could be sued for not taking action and treating your water supply.

The Treatment Is Simple

The treatment for PFOS contamination is simple. Neutralizing agents that break down PFOS are added to your well, your holding tanks and your water and irrigation systems. The agents come in the form of a powdered substance or ready-made liquid and can be purchased from government water treatment facilities. The process may need to be repeated until the water is deemed safe and clear of PFOS. In the meantime, you may want to find other water sources until the treatments have kicked in and have become fully effective.

Contact a company like PFOS-PFOA Treatment LLC for more information and assistance. 

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As a farmer in Canada, you have to be vigilant of everything in the environment that affects the health of your animals, your crops, and your family.